Appalachian State University is composed of men's and women's social fraternities. Each of these organizations is governed by a student-run governing council that has specific guidelines and requirements related to the recruitment of new members. Additionally, each member organization has additional requirements of students seeking membership in their specific organizations. 

Fraternity and Sorority Life is an important part of the co-curricular experience for students at Appalachian State University. Students who are involved outside the classroom perform better academically, report a more satisfying educational experience, and persist to graduation in greater numbers than their counterparts. Fraternities/Sororities are built upon a commitment to the ritualistic values of their organizations, a commitment to service, an understanding of their responsibility for being a contributing member of the community, and to the personal and professional development of members.

Becoming part of the Fraternity/Sorority community is both an honor and an obligation. The honor lies in becoming part of a strong tradition of excellence. The obligation lies in working diligently to meet the ideals and principles that serve as the basis of the community and to hold yourself and your members accountable for constantly striving to improve the community of which they are a part. The Appalachian State Fraternity and Sorority Community provides opportunities for you to develop your leadership potential. Fraternity men and Sorority women are involved in various campus organizations such as Student Government, sports clubs, and academic honoraries. Many of these men and women hold leadership positions in these groups. Individual involvement is the key to fraternal success.

College life involves learning to live and work with others, respecting them as individuals, and making friendships that will last a lifetime. Membership in a fraternity/sorority enhances the social experience in a relaxed atmosphere. This can be seen in events throughout the year such as mixers, band parties, and Greek Week.  We uphold each of the four pillars of Fraternity/Sorority Life (Service, Leadership, Friendship and Scholarship), in all our actions and strive to meet them in the end result.